Friday, March 07, 2008

Aishwarya Majmudar

UPDATE : Aishwarya is the WINNER.
Although I am fan of
Anwesha and would very much like her to win Star Voice Of India 'Chotte Ustaad', there is another beautiful voice that is worth mentioning. And that is of Aishwarya Majmudar.

While Anwesha enthralls you with variety and technical finesse, Aishwarya's strength is her tonal quality.

Aishwarya has got a very sweet and unique voice. Her renditions have a very melodious touch. Couple it with her wonderful demeanor, and you have a delighting performance.

At the age of 14, she has more than 80 live performances to her credit, which is an achievement in itself.

Here is the snapshot of her journey in 'Chotte Ustaad' :
1. Kehna hi kya (Bombay)
2. Mann kyu behaka
3. Kaisi Paheli Hai Zindagani (Parineeta)
4. Aaj Main Upar (Khamoshi)
5. Mose Chal
6. Raat akeli hai
7. Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan Hai
8. Pyaar Hua Chupke se (1942 A Love Story)
9. Piya Tu
10. Yaaro Sunlo zaara (Rangeela)
11. Jhooth Nahin Bolana
12. Piya Bole
13. Aankhon ki Gustaakiyan
14. Pardesia
15. Ishq kabhi karyo na
16. Bengali Song
17. Soni de Nakhre
18. In Dino
19. Kesariya Balam
20. Piya Tose Naina
21. Nimbooda
22. Pyaar Ki Yeh Kahani
23. Mash Allah
24. Hey Baby
25. Kaal Dhamal
26. Barso re
27. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya
28. Aaj Phir Jine Ki Tamanna Hai
29. Tasbeer se bigadi huyi
30. Mann mharo Dhadke
31. Janeja is Dil mein tum
32. Dil cheez kya hai
33. Jise dhoondta hun har kahi
34. Hey Rang lo (Gujrati)
35. Chupke se
36. Ye Gore chore
37. O Sajna
38. Rangeela re
39. Albela Sajan
40. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Check them out!!!



Nir said...

Stop this nonsense writings. Learn music before writing these nonsense. Anwesha is a typical singer with sweet tone only. Whereas Aishwariya versatile with perfection in every aspect: tone, technical etc.. I think u r a biased, half literate bangal.

Anonymous said...

and i think ur a baised gujrati i think all aish fans shloud learn once the sence of musik from sum where or jst listen to anwesha voice ul bettar kno wht versatality and voice quality and sur is....... mr nir u talked about perfection have u heared her un pleasent scream when she used to sing high notes and her breath problem and who dont know that anwesha is much betar dan aish so dnt waste ur tym by leaving cheap comments

mihir said...

everyonw talks about who is better and who is not, but listen guys both are good , both have some strengths and weakness , no need for you two guys to argue with each other. both rock.