Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Finally.....I have started blogging

If ever a competition of procrastinators is organized, I will be crowned as the undisputed 'King' of procrastination :-) . I was planning to blog since ages, but I have started it today. Never mind(I am consoling myself), as they say , 'All is well, that ends well'. Neither I love to procrastinate, nor I like to brag about my frailty. In fact, I am trying to improve myself and the start of this blog is testimony to this :D.
Though I have bored you to the hilt, let me explain you the reasons for the selection of the name 'symbolofsymbol' for the blog. Here the story goes :-
First, I thought of names like 'pratik','myownworld',.... But regardless of my innumerable attempts of giving conventional names to, I was unable to get a name, which was not registered as a blog. So then I thought to have name like '%symbol%'. The only reason being that 'Pratik' means symbol. Then a million dollars(?) question cropped up in my mind - what do I symbolize? I thought and thought...but to no avail...I did not find the answer....So I resorted to recursion and my blog was born. Weird name for weird blog written by weird author :-)