Monday, December 31, 2007


I enjoyed this refreshing romantic movie. Shahid & Kareena gelled well with characters & looked good as pair. It was ironical that they split just before this movie was released. Imtiaz ali again impressed me after his debut directorial venture – Socha Na Tha.

Recently, Moser Baer announced “Jab We Met” contest where couples need to send details of their first meeting.

Here’s my version:

I and my six friends (3 boy, 3 gals) hang out together in college and outside. We call ourselves “Seven Wonders” :-). My nature is something between being extrovert & introvert. I am very comfortable with friends but take time to open up with strangers. But , in all, I really enjoy company of seven wonders (including myself :-) ).

We see the movies and freak out together on weekends. A month before, we decided to watch “Jab We Met”. Little did I knew that it is going to change my life forever. Watching Kareena was a revelation . Her happy-go-lucky & gregarious nature, instincts based decisions not only changed my perceptions towards Kareena’s acting but also towards Sunaina (my “seven wonders” group mate). It turned a critic into a fan. More so it made me think, we were different but we could click together. Her chirpy talks, peppy manners, vivacious nature could spice up my subtle, predictable life. After the show, I went to her & said ,“Tumhe pata hain na ki tum unique piece ho!”. She spontaneously replied with a big grin “Bilkulllllll!!!”.

It was the first meeting between 'changed' me & Sunaina.

Since then, Our relationship has grown by leaps & bounds. Yesterday, I proposed her and She accepted it :-).

Thanks a LOT “Jab We Met” team!

P.S: The above story is imaginary . All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to real life characters is purely coincidental.

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