Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to you!

Hi Bloggie,

Happy Birthday!

Heartiest Congratulations on being 1 year and 1(just) post old!

What's up? Long time no see( or should it be - long time you haven't seen me).

Today, I am getting nostalgic.

Our relationship started on a great note. We had a wonderful start and the promise to have these conversations regularly. If not regularly, then at least, at regular intervals :-). But as you have known from our first conversation itself, I am a procrastinator. The other thing that you don't know (thankfully!) is that I am lazy too. If this is not enough, I am bad at keeping relationships. Too many bad qualities, eh?

You have suffered and lived alone for no fault of yours. Hence, it's time to make amends (from my side). I am sorry and am eager to rejuvenate our relationship. You may have your grudges, grievances, complaints et al. But, first and foremost, I have you and you have me. So please forget(ok, at least try to) the past and rekindle our friendship.

And hey, I want to sing a birthday song for you (that is if you allow me and can bear with my 'wonderful' voice)

Here it goes -

Bar Bar din ye aaye
Bar Bar dil ye gaaye
Tum jiyo hazaroon post
ye hain meri aarjoo
Happy birthday to you....aaha
Happy birthday to you....aaha
Happy birthday my dearest blog
Happy birthday to you

Have a Blast!



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Your wellwisher said...

When are you going to write the next blog? On the 3rd birthday? :))